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Lifting initiatives

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Private Label


For a safe and sustainable working environment

Responsible hoisting and lifting, safe working at heights and safe transporting of cargo from A to B. Axel Johnson International’s Ropetex and Powertex brands provide you with all the products you need for this. High-quality, compliant with all relevant European legislation and regulations and sustainably manufactured.


Certex Renewables

CERTEX Renewables division has extensive experience in providing tools, products and services to leading operators and manufacturers in the wind and renewables industry. We provide solutions for lifting and handling of heavy wind turbine components such as nacelles, towers and more. Thanks to our large Lifting Solutions Group, we have access to manufacturing facilities in more than 100 locations in Europe, USA, Australia and China.

Strategic Sourcing

The Strategic Sourcing Team is responsible for developing and maintaining agreements with relevant existing and new suppliers to the Lifting Solutions Group.

Aspire Range

The Aspire range™ is our ambition to offer the market a more sustainable choice.

To reduce the negative climate impact and the use of virgin raw materials are challenges that we and the whole lifting industry are facing. At Lifting Solutions, we want to lead the transformation and set the standards for a more sustainable future in our industry.


the Rope Watcher

The future of rope inspection is to ensure proper maintenance of your lifting equipment l for both your personal safety and to extend the lifespan of your equipment. With Ropewatcher, you can effectively manage the lifecycle of your steel wire rope

Don´t hesitate to reach out to our local companies to learn more about their offers