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Certex Renewables

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Lifting Products
Wide range of lifting products from the world's leading manufacturers including our own product brands. We also offer equipment on rental.
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Customized Solutions
Our engineers are experts in designing and constructing customized lifting tools and solutions. We can solve the most difficult lifting challenges.​​​​​​
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On-Site Engineering
CERTEX Renewables offers on-site statutory inspections of lifting equipment, LOLER and PUWER inspections and many more.
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Certified Partner
CERTEX Renewables is a reliable partner and we do not compromise when it comes to quality, environment, health and safety.

Our Product Range

With CERTEX Renewables as your partner, you can always be sure that our products meet the quality and safety requirements. We offer products from the world’s leading manufacturers including our own brands and we continuously develop our product range in collaboration with customers and suppliers. We stock more than 12,000 items, which means that we can provide quick delivery in urgent matters. Should you ever have any doubt about which equipment is best suited for the job, our consultants are always ready to help.


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Watch Now.

The CTX Tandem tool is designed to provide additional approved lifting points to a chain hoist

The Tandem tool allows you to lift several separate loads with the same chain hoist, using the hoist chain as daisy chain. The CTX Tandem tool is designed and developed by our Renewables' team in Denmark.

If you need to lift many loads, you can easily add more Tandem tools to the same chain and thus lift more efficiently. Note, however, that the lifting capacity of the hoist must not be exceeded. The Tandem tool is already used by several of our customers in the Renewables industry, but it can also be used in all contexts where loads must be lifted by a chain hoist.


We cover Europe, USA, Australia & China

CERTEX Renewables division is part of Lifting Solutions Group, a global player specializing in lifting products and solutions. These market leading companies are well-known and established in their local markets and several have been around for more than a century.




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