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Aspire range™

A more sustainable choice

Minimizing and eliminating CO2 emissions throughout a product's value chain and keeping products and materials in use are challenges that we and the whole lifting industry are facing. At Lifting Solutions, we want to lead the transformation and set the standards for a more sustainable future in our industry.

Our Aspire range™ is carefully selected products with documented features that are more sustainable than conventional equivalents. They have a reduced negative impact on the climate and/or the environment, but without any sacrifices on neither quality nor safety. It is our aspiration and dedication to work towards a lifting industry operated in a more sustainable way.


Creating common standards on a global market is complicated and takes time. We respect that process, but we won’t let it slow down our own ambitions to be forerunners and to show what’s possible. Consequently, we have developed criterias for products to be qualified as Aspire range™.


Fact- based and clear sustainability improvements: The product has clear and fact-based sustainability improvements compared to conventional products in one or more of the following areas:

  • Reduced CO2 footprint
  • Made of recycled material
  • Substitution of hazardous chemicals*
    *chemicals listed in annex XIV and XVII in REACH are substituted.

Basic criterias: 

  • Signed Code of ConductOur Code of Conduct is signed by the suppliers

  • Supplier's sustainability performance audited: Suppliers are audited based on our sustainability requirements

  • Fulfil demands on quality and safety: same high quality and safety requirements as our conventional products

Our process 

  1. We actively seek and develop new products
  2. The product is thoroughly verified against the Aspire
  3. The request is submitted to the Aspire product board.
  4. The request is reviewed to approve or deny.
  5. Lifting Solution's Management Team confirm the fulfillment of criteria and approve the product to be included in the Aspire range.

Aspire products

Contact our companies and your local distributor to learn more about what products we offer. 


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Learn more about our sustainability work

Our industry is highly regulated, but to reach our sustainability goals, we have to push and develop the existing standards. We are working with the industry association to develop targets, standards and roadmaps that will help in the green transition.

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