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About Us

Growing Together

Our Strategy for Shared Business Success

Driving Excellence: Our Mission to Achieve Industry-Leading Business Growth

We want to ensure long-term growth and profitability. This requires an active owner that takes a genuine interest in each company’s operations and is prepared to challenge strategic plans.

In our world, the entrepreneurs who run our companies have the closest understanding of their businesses and are best suited to be in the driver’s seat. Our role is to support and empower them in the process of identifying the biggest opportunities. This provides a clear foundation for informed and fast decision-making. “Making things happen” is not just one of our core values; it is the way we live and breathe.

Organic Growth
A sustainable business model is the key to success. The model must constantly evolve to meet market and stakeholder needs. We work proactively to ensure that our companies constantly develop their businesses.

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Acquisition strategy
Acquisitions are central to Lifting Solutions business model. Our focus is on building, owning and developing business groups within defined industrial niche areas to help us expand our offer and geographical reach.

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From 0 to €400 million turnover in 20 years 

  • 2021 — 2022

    Acquisition of:
    • Chain Applications in Australia (Rebranded to Certex Lifting Products and services).
    • Lifting gear and Safety and Lifting Gear UK in the UK, as well as Dynamic Rigging Hire in Australia to enhance our rental offering.
    • Set up of new branch in Taiwan to support expansion within Renewables
  • 2018-2020

    Acquisition of:
    • REMA Holland to improve our offer to distributors worldwide
    • AMC to strengthen our technical service offering.
    • IWRC in Poland
    • Set up of new company in the US – CTX Lifting Solutions, to support expansion within Renewables
  • 2017

    Acquisition of:
    • Pritchard/TRS in the UK.
    • W. Giertsen in Norway and merged with Certex Norge.
  • 2016

    Acquisition of:
    • Cables y Eslingas in Spain
    • Traction Levage in France
  • 2012-2014

    Acquisition of:
    • Mennens Groep BV in Benelux
    • Kwintet lifting department in Norway merged into Certex Norway. 
  • 2006-2008

    Acquisition of:
    • Erling Haug and Haug Offshore Services
    • Certex UK and Peter Harbo
  • 2002-2005

    Acquisition of:
    • Haklift in Finland and Bulgaria
    • Certex in Sweden, Finland, Russia, the Baltics, Germany, Denmark and Norway

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