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MRT Inspection and service of steel wire ropes


Certex UK

What We Did

Inspection and maintenaince 

Project Case

UK Steel Mills, such as TATA Steel, are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of their inspections. The traditional method of visual inspection is no longer sufficient in ensuring the safety and longevity of their equipment. In order to address this issue, Certex UK was contracted to provide Magnetic Resonance Testing (MRT) inspection services for TATA Steel's steel wire ropes.

MRT is a non-destructive procedure that allows for the detection of broken wires, distortions, and corrosion within the steel wire ropes. This service provides the customer with a better understanding of the condition of their wire rope fleet, allowing them to proactively schedule replacements and increase Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The service indicated that strand 2 ropes needed to be replaced and strand 1 ropes were in good condition and could remain in service.

In addition to MRT, Certex UK also provided pressure lubrication services to ensure that the wire rope products achieve their optimal life performance. These services compliment each other and provide a comprehensive solution for the steel mill.

Certex UK's MRT and lubrication services have proven to be an effective way for TATA Steel to improve the quality of their inspections and increase the lifespan of their equipment.

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"Overall happy with the service. I would definitely be interested in the continual use of these inspections in future."

Jonathan Evens, Plant Engineer at TATA Steel

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Mennen replace steel wire rope at Gouwesporbrug bridge

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