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Working at heights at the Gouwespoorbrug


Mennens NL

What We Did

Replace steel wire rope

Project Case

Mennens, a leading provider of industrial services, was recently tasked with replacing the steel wire ropes (SWR) and correcting the misalignment of the railway bridge in Gouda. The railway bridge, which is approximately 60 metres long, had been inspected by Mennens for several years. It was determined that the SWR had reached the rejection criteria and needed to be replaced.

In order to complete this project, Mennens worked closely with Safe Site - Powered by Mennens, a team of experts who specialize in working at heights and in confined spaces. Together, they replaced the SWR, while simultaneously working to correct the skew of the bridge.

Mennens supplied the necessary lifting products for the project, including steel wire ropes, inspection equipment, and certificates. The bridge is now safe for use and the replacement of SWR will ensure the longevity of the bridge's safety.

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"Thanks to close cooperation with partners, the misalignment of the bridge has been restored."

Hans Borst, Project Manager Mennens

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