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V236 offshore turbine manufacturing


Certex Renewables

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Vestas is a Danish wind turbine manufacturer that was founded in 1945. The company designs, manufactures, installs, and maintains wind turbines for customers around the world. Vestas is a global leader in the wind energy industry, and is known for its innovation and commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

Vestas,  is launching the new V236 offshore turbine, one of the largest offshore turbines in the world. The manufacturing of parts for this turbine requires a unique set of tooling to lift and operate during the manufacturing process.

Certex Renewables, a leading supplier of lifting equipment and services, was chosen to supply the key tooling needed for manufacturing the V236 turbine in multiple factories worldwide. The company provided a wide range of products, including HMPE slings, Schackels, over 90 different customized lifting tools, G10 chain and components, and lifting points.

The prototype manufacturing is progressing according to plan, and ramp-up is expected on a global scale. Certex Renewables' specialized lifting equipment and customized tools are essential to ensure that the manufacturing process is safe and efficient.

The V236 turbine is expected to be a major player in the wind energy industry, and Certex Renewables' contribution to the manufacturing process will play a crucial role in the turbine's success.

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""Our customers are challenged with some of the most complex and heavy lifting tasks, when they have to move items such as nacelles, blades or other large components. It is our job to make sure those jobs can be performed in a safe and efficient way."

Michael Egstrøm, Technical specialist at Certex Renewables

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