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Magnetic Rope Testing in the Oil and Gas Industry

A Case Study by Certex UK


Certex UK

What We Did

Inspection and maintenaince 

Certex UK highlights a key case study showcasing the efficacy of Magnetic Rope Testing (MRT) for steel wire ropes used in critical applications within the oil and gas industry. Our client, based in Aberdeen, Scotland, operates under the stringent demands of the North Sea’s harsh conditions, prioritizing utmost quality and safety.

Client Challenge: The need for a reliable inspection method was paramount to ensure the integrity of steel wire ropes before their deployment offshore. The oil and gas industry's demanding environment necessitates a foolproof method to identify any potential defects or weaknesses in the ropes ahead of their usage.

Our Solution: To address these needs, we recommended our specialized Magnetic Rope Testing (MRT). This non-destructive, magnetic, and contactless inspection technique is designed to detect critical flaws, such as broken wires, distortions, and corrosion, ensuring that the ropes meet the highest safety standards.

Implementation Process:

  1. Pre-Inspection Preparation: Each steel wire rope undergoes a comprehensive MRT inspection at our Montrose manufacturing facility prior to shipment.
  2. MRT Inspection Process: Our advanced magnetic technologies scan the entire length of each rope, allowing for the detection of hidden defects.
  3. Analysis and Reporting: Skilled technicians analyze the data and generate detailed reports on each rope's condition, providing our clients with critical insights into the quality and safety of the products.

Outcomes and Benefits:

  • Early Detection of Defects: MRT inspections identify defects that are not visible to the naked eye.
  • Quality Assurance: Each rope is confirmed to be defect-free and suitable for the challenging offshore conditions.
  • Enhanced Safety and Reliability: By identifying potential issues before deployment, we help enhance the safety and reliability of offshore operations.

Conclusion: Magnetic Rope Testing proves to be an indispensable tool in ensuring the quality and safety of steel wire ropes destined for the demanding conditions of the North Sea. Through advanced non-destructive testing techniques, Certex UK assures that our clients receive products that are both reliable and safe, enhancing their operational confidence.

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"MRT is becoming a more common method used as part of the inspection of a steel wire rope, and using this service at the start of a wire rope’s life provides increased assurance of the integrity of the product whilst also offering a baseline for future MRT inspections to be compared against"

Scott Wilcox , Managing Director at Certex UK

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